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The Research Engine streamlines your knowledge acquisition with precision, speed, and depth every time.

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Find new opportunities with entity queries

Whether you are searching for the perfect technology investment, tracking your competition, or looking for a needle in the haystack, our query tool gets you to your targets.

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Automated data requests

Data Requests give you the power to command Golden’s Research Engine to obtain data in rapid timeframes. Dive deeper into a niche industry, a full topic, or specific fields on a topic and entities.

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Power your organization’s knowledge with live data

Populate fields automatically with the Golden Knowledge Graph and augment with your private data using Lists. Don’t reinvent your data wheel again.

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Build team momentum with collaborative research

Assemble your team’s collective intelligence by discovering, tracking, and organizing knowledge.

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Turbocharge your decision making and enterprise data with the Golden API

By leveraging our powerful API, you can stay informed as soon as new knowledge is discovered. Enrich your CRM, databases or model. Discover entities programmatically.

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